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We Build Custom Homes

M Squared Custom Homes is the premier custom home builder in Blount and Knox counties. We provide end-to-end services to our customers, including:

  • • Walking Homeowners Step by Step through the Building Process
  • • Affordable In-house Draftsman
  • • Open Book Billing with Comprehensive Draw Sheets
  • • Complete Project Management

Please enjoy our gallery below that showcases some of our most recently completed projects and additional information on what sets M Squared apart.

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What Makes Us Different

M Squared Custom Homes prides themselves on building your home from beginning to end. From planning to excavation to material selection assistance, you will be guided and helped to build your dream home.

Hands-on Approach

M Squared is a family-owned company. We pride ourselves in working directly with our customers – whether it is Alana meeting and helping with design options, Gary using his building experience onsite every day, or Chris supervising an organized close-out to the build. We truly care about each family and house, and feel the best way to exceed expectations is to stay as hands-on as possible.

In-house Draftsman

Many families have a general idea on what they want to build or have found a house plan online that is close to what they are looking for. We work together with our in-house draftsman to help take these concepts and put together the perfect, most cost effective, house plan for each family. The process is quick, less expensive than other options, and lets us work together as a team to design your dream house.

Open Book Billing

Budget and costs are one of the most important considerations when building a house. M Squared takes a transparent approach to working with customers in this area. We share all estimates and invoices, so families can feel comfortable knowing we take a true cost-plus approach to helping projects stay on budget.

Client Testimonials

We are so grateful for all our wonderful clients! Here is what they have to say!